More Feedback on the VisiBone Poster...

I never clearly understood the meaning of all the hexadecimal code positions and levels. Now I understand! — M.B., Graphic Illustrator, HP

A must-have product. — R.M.L.

You explain difficult concepts in such a way that I can understand it. — V.H.

I was quite impressed with the beautiful improvement of the new version. I'm going to hang it up in my home workspace. Looking forward to more outstanding future creations from you, — J.G.

Because that is the palette we are just adopting for our web sites, the poster has been an immediate hit. — Donald Norman, author of Design of Everyday Things

I just got my poster today and it's great. I'm horrible with colors, so the sites I make usually are black and white, sometimes venturing into the grays, but mostly they're boring. But now I can see all the web palette colors at once and see which ones look best together. . .  It's so much easier now, thanks! — J.S.

The poster arrived today and it looks really good. I was able to put it to use right away to help me pick a colour for some type. I was able to go straight to it! Thank you for a very useful set of Web design products. — Joe Gillespie, Web Page Design For Designers

Just received my Webmaster's Palette poster - great addition to the office wall. Great job! — J.C.

I loved the original chart -- it was so helpful. Can't wait til I receive the new one! — S.M.

I'm proudly displaying it in my cubicle. Nice job! — J.O.

I love it. It is so intuitive. I'm going to matt and frame it so it will not be damaged. — A.C.

The colors now match my monitor VERY well. I also like the fact that you've added the decimal color codes. You get five gold stars, my friend. — D.B.

I love it!! Great quality : ) I was actually surprised how nice it looked. I vote to list it on the site. — A.D.,

Received the poster yesterday. Great work. I'm teaching comp. science to a middle school. The kids will love the colors. Good Luck. — J.G.

I just wanted to let you know that I really like the poster. The web site is great for getting an immediate view of how colors work together, but I really like having the poster to look at for getting the RGB values of colors I'm using. — J.

Got my chart in the mail today. It looks great! Keep inventing cool things. — S.L.

Delighted with the 216-color posters we ordered -- one for me (editor type) and one for our art director. Both of us are new to web stuff, and this is making life much easier. Looks nice on the wall, too! Thanks for all the work that must have gone into this. — D.J., Parents' Press & Parent.TEEN

A few months ago, I purchased one of your wonderful color posters. I am just SO thrilled with it still. — D.C.

They truly are great! The 2nd poster I gave to a fellow designer as a surprise, and they were totally stoked and inspired. Man it puts everything in a whole new 'light'!! — B.V.E.

I just wanted to let you know that I received my poster the other day. It's great! I'm glad I ordered it. It will come in handy for me, I'm sure. Thank you so much! — K.C.

I just received a colour poster chart from you. I want to say I LIKE it very much and it's exactly what I have been searching for for a long time. I like the layout the most, and seeing the hex codes will help me as I work. — D.M.

We received the poster today! Our anticipation is due to the fact that you had the best palette out there on the market for my team of developers to work with. You can quote that if you like. — R.Y.

I received my web posters. Thank you for your prompt delivery. They look wonderful. You may be getting an order of 12 very soon (my coworkers are envious). — M.C., Sun

I have my Webmaster's Palette hanging up in front of my Mac G3 and I have, to my surprise, already developed the habit of looking at it before I look at any palettes in my software (usually Photoshop or GoLive). It is proving to be a great tool. — B. Comings

Hi. I received the poster a couple of days ago; it is very handsome. My 8-year-old, who is a bit of a mini-webmaster himself, especially loves it. — B. Chang

I loved the first poster, as has everyone who's come into my office. Now I'm ordering 6. . . They'll make great bribes to get designers to finish their work. — M. P.

It is a great product, and wonderful to see what something is really going to look like before punching in hex numbers, and repunching, and repunching to get the colors right. I am just one of those guys that has to see it first, and now I can. — C. Brown

I *LOVE* the poster! It is an awesome product :) It was recommended on an email list I participate in, and I ordered it the same day I visited your site. Very well done - I hope to see more products geared towards designers! — L.G.

Thanks for coming up with the Webmaster's Palette. I, for one, think it will be very convenient to be able to look up instead of popping out on the net or looking at a book for a color code. It just arrived this morning and I am waiting on it to flatten so I can hang it on my cubicle wall next to my "Escape From Cubicle #943" poster. — B.W.

I think the poster and color lab are going to be great assets for my designers. — K.M.C.

Great job on the color chart. I'm using it now to redo one of my pages. This is just the thing I needed.  — R.&B.R.

Great poster. Complimenting and eye catching color schemes have been a stumbling block for me and your poster will help a great deal to get me on track!! — D.R.

Since I'm not very good about color, and just a touch color blind, its tough for me to find non-clashing colors for those cases when I don't want to, and can't afford to bring in an outside design firm. — M.H.

GOT IT - LOVE IT Get many compliments on it and it's quite useful. — J.B.

Like it? It's posted behind my chair on the wall of my office! Need a green... ok... there it is... no brainer! Thanks.... — S.B.

I have to say I'm dead chuffed with it; it's work of art! I am looking forward to covering the brick wall in front of my desk at work with these splashes of colour! — H.P.

Your poster is a work of art that is both useful and aesthetically interesting. And it looks really cool on my wall. — J.M.

I got it yesterday and I love it!!! I am the envy of my household! (A couple of sons are computer geeks too!) You've done a fine job! The more I look at it, the more I appreciate it! It will help me a lot in selecting colors. — M.A.A.

Just received the posters marvelous! It's so marvelous, I want to order another 4. — P.S.

I don't know how I can possibly emote in email terms but here goes: WOW! — L.L.

Everyone on the team has your poster hanging on the walls of their office, we're super happy with them! Thanks for the speedy delivery too, you have great service. Good luck growing your business, great idea! — M.K., RealNetworks  

Thanks for a great poster! . . . I'm getting ready to publish my first Web site and your site for color composition was a great help. — B.B.

Received my Webmaster's Palette poster yesterday, and I just had to drop you a note to thank you. It's gorgeous. You've done a wonderful job of combining art and functionality. — R.R.

I just received my WP poster in the mail today; it's even nicer than I thought it would be. The prompt receipt and good quality make it well worth a few of my hard-earned bucks. — R.W.

The poster is beautifully designed and executed. Thank you! It is so nice not to have to open ImageReady every time I want to find out what a particular hex code is from your Photoshop palette. — S.S.

It's a great product and will really help me do my work. — J.R.


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