VisiBone HTML Card

Credits and Acknowledgements

What a strange and wonderful thing to have help from complete strangers.  Their kind cool hand on my fevered struggles have left a clear mark.  I need grounding.  I hope I listen well to these angels who keep coming out of nowhere.

Thanks to Laurel for her post on 30 Jan 2000 on Steve Champeon's excellent mailing list, WebDesign-L that inspired the content of the example page.  She wrote an outline to spark thinking and discussion on how web designers break down real projects.  I liked her thinking along organized yet unbureaucratic lines.

For character compatibility data, thanks to Arthur D., Vicki B., Jeanette, Ginny D., Martin S., Lise K°pke, and Mark T. for their very helpful screenshots.  They were crucial in piecing together the special-character jigsaw. 

Huge thanks to Stuart W. for suggesting a white background.  More readable, looks sharper, can't believe I resisted it.  If Charlene D. hadn't already tried to work me in that direction I might have missed the chance.  Thanks to Charlene, Karin P. and Phil for raising a crescendo for more space and other encouragement along aestheto-functional lines.

Thanks to John B. for suggesting a functional arrangement.  That inspired the Functional Index on the CSS page.  Thanks to Rachel and Morten for some very constructive suggestions that I followed.  Thanks to an anonymous tip setting me straight about justified paragraphs.  

For grounding feedback from the front lines, thanks to Karin P., Travis, Jennifer V., Nathalie L., Betsy, Stephanie C., Kristine, Christy K., Rita R.

Many thanks to many others.

For the software, thanks to Microsoft, Adobe, Quark.  For the clip art, ArtToday.  For online services, Earthlink, Virtualis.  For printing, MOR Printing, Superior Ink.  For packing and shipping, the Mail Boxes Etc. at Sawgrass Mall, Sunrise, Florida, and the folks there, David, Claudia, Gunter, and Florian and others.

Most of all, deep heartfelt thanks for all the kind words of encouragement.  Peer regard is the real stuff of commerce and I've taken sinful joy in every scrap tossed my way.

Bob Stein,